High Efficiency RO Water System

Pure Choice Water Company has been developing specialty Water Purification Systems for over twenty years.

We are excited to introduce the New HP1000 High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System, designed specifically for the Dental, Medical, and Laboratory  applications.

For the first time, a compact, energy efficient Water Purification System that will produce a high volume of Ultra Pure Water (TDS less than 5ppm), for a fraction of the cost of less efficient water distillers.

The new HP1000, is compact, more energy efficient, quieter, produces no heat and is much easier and less expensive to service than outdated distillers.

We have combined filtration with our unique Multi-Membrane Purification System to produce a reliable source of Ultra-Pure Water.

Advantages of the HP1000 vs. purchasing bottles of purified water.

Save Money: Depending on how many bottles you use per week, results in an ongoing expense of hundreds of dollars per year.

Save Time: Someone has to take the time to go out and pickup those heavy cases of water and bring them back to the office. This not only cost you the person’s wages for the time they are away from the clinic, but also the lost productivity for that person’s time as well. Time is money.

Save Space: The storage of both full and empty bottles takes up valuable space. The MX750 fits neatly under in your under the sink cabinets.

Save our Environment: All of those empty bottles add up to a massive volume of plastics that have to be manufactured, transported and then disposed of. This dramatically increases the carbon footprint that you are creating.

Convenience: Imagine having a virtually unlimited supply of purified water right at the faucet, or were possible, connected directly to the equipment.

The HP1000 includes:

  • Two Multi Stage Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis Membranes, to produce 30-40 gallons of Ultra-Pure Water per day.

  • TDS Monitor-Electronic monitor, monitors the TDS(total dissolved solids) of both your incoming water and your Ultra Pure Water. At a glance you can monitor the purity of your purification system.

  • 3 Gallon Storage Tank- to provide an abundance of Ultra-Pure Water for all of your requirements. (Optional larger tanks are available)

  • High Performance Booster Pump- to boost the feed water pressure, to efficiently drive the Multi-Membrane System.

  • Chrome Counter Mounted Faucet- to dispense water.

  • Pre filter 0-100 PSI Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge, to monitor inlet water pressure.

  • Two Stage Pre filtration, to remove particles and chlorine from the feed water.

  • Low pressure shut off Valve, to deactivate the booster pump, if there is a water pressure drop in the building.

  • High Performance Booster Pump- to boost the feed water pressure, to efficiently drive the Multi-Membrane System.

  • Pre Membrane 0-250 PSI Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge, to monitor the water pressure that is driving the membranes.